Here you will find some news about the most significant sightings of birds and other species of animals in MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre.

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The low tides of January favour the presence of warders

During this month the sea water level falls, which makes very easy to observe this type of birds

They remove the last electrical posts from the surroundings of MónNatura Delta and the ancient saltpans of Sant Antoni

Included within the Delta-Lagoon Life Project, the electrical line that surrounds and visually contaminates protected ecosystems disappears

Reception of wild animals and wounded animals in MónNatura

Every year, people take advantage of our center to bring wounded animals, especially birds, because we manage their entrance to the recovery center

Fifteen percent more visitors, at the 4th edition of the Ornithology Festival of the Delta de l’Ebre

MónNatura Delta has become, this weekend, the capital of bird lovers and students of birds with the fourth edition of the international ornithology festival

This 2017 the ornithological activities in MónNatura Delta has success

More than 300 people have participated in any of the activities related with birds during this year, from outdoor activities to workshops performed by well-known speaker

This week 400 flamenco babies were ringed at Punta de la Banya

It is the tenth time that a flamenco ringing in the Delta de l'Ebre has been carried out, important for the control, study and awareness of this species

The Natural Park publishes the brochure "Find and tick"

Discover and identify the most representative species of birds and plants of the Delta de l'Ebre in a didactic and very fun way

Reproducción de los flamencos

2.711 parejas de flamencos se estan reproduciendo en el Delta

Listado de aves marinas

Resumen de las observaciones de aves pelágicas de la salida en barco de ayer

The peregrine falcon visits us

Occasional visit at Ebro’s Delta, the falcon was observed close to MónNatura
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