Alfacada lagoon is the second space owned by Fundació in the Ebro Delta area. This stretch of water, a few kilometres north of Tancada lagoon, where MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre is located, is a very special mosaic of biodiversity and one of the most important places for nesting birds. With Tancada, it is part of the LIFE Delta Lagoon Project for the recovery of the environment.


Alfacada lagoon was formed by the sediment washed up from the Migjorn fork (once the mouth of the Ebro) and the growth of a beach front that shut off the mass of shore water. As a consequence of the increasing number of rice paddies in the 19th and 20th centuries the original surface area of the lagoon was reduced by 80%. In the 1990s the process of recovering the lagoon began. Today the LIFE Delta Lagoon Project is helping to conserve it.


Alfacada is an important ecological area of the Delta, since it is home to great biodiversity in a relatively small area and is one the favourite spots for nesting birds (little bittern, little grebe, mallard, red-crested pochard, waders, tern…). This is because of the different kinds of habitat available, the degree of salinity and the flooding level: fresh, salt, saline and hypersaline water marshes. It is a particularly favourable habitat for the great bittern, which uses this lagoon regularly on its migratory passages.


In 2004, Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera bought one hundred and seventy-six hectares of the property where Alfacada is located in order to preserve its natural values and recover the full extension of the original habitats. With the application of the LIFE Delta Lagoon Project fifty more hectares of coastal lagoon have been recovered, making it the largest increase in habitats of this kind in the Ebro Delta.


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Did you know that...

Alfacada is one of the favourite places for nesting birds?

And that it is a particularly favourable habitat for the great bittern?



Alfacada, a secret paradise in Ebro’s Delta