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Countdown to the beginning of the Delta Birding Festival

In less than a week, MónNatura Delta will look very birder. Dozens of artists canopies, ornithological associations, travel agencies, book sales and  very useful information for bird lovers.

But this does not end here, because between the old salt works and the lagoon of Tancada there will be the optics zone, where you can find the best brands of telescopes and binoculars, to be able to try them and buy them new or second hand.

If you are interested in the presentations, the schedule is luxury. International illustrators, expert guides, biologists, photographers and researchers. Speakers of world renown will explain experiences, anecdotes and will train us on the latest in ornithological themes.

In addition, there will be a lot of activities, both observation and photography, with expert guides that will take you to the most intimate corners of the Delta, to discover the most difficult birdlife to observe, with trips through land, sea and river.

And, if you like contests, you have all types!

On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September you have a must appointment in the delta del Ebro. Come fly to Delta Birding Festival!