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The ecosystem of the Spanish toothcarp is improved thanks to the work between different volunteers.

Three groups of volunteers arrived at MónNatura on Saturday. The volunteers came from the Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera, the Natural Park of the Delta de l’Ebre and the SEO BirdLife organization and at brunch time they organized to distribute their jobs. With water boots and other tools they start to improve the gravel filters in order to be able to communicate the waters of the different ponds that are in the center but avoiding to enter into the ponds some competitors such as the mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) or the western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), that could invade the fish ponds so they could make it disappear.

The Spanish toothcarp is an endemic fish from the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula and is in the Delta de l’Ebre where it has the largest population. The loss and deterioration of its habitat, the interaction with the invading fish and the contamination of nitrate aquifers makes it a very threatened fish so these actions are needed to continue to protect an indigenous species that is so important for our ecosystems.