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The Kingfisher is back at MónNatura

The kingfisher is one of the most colorful and beautiful birds in the delta, but it is not easy to see all year round. It is a migratory bird that, in the delta, gathers its maximum population during the winter. It is small in size and very fast in flight. It has a back with very striking turquoise colors and an orange chest. Its black, long, pointed beak is used as a harpoon, making it an excellent fisherman of fish and juvenile fish. The kingfisher's most characteristic flight is following the water, straight and fast, emitting a high-pitched cry similar to a cricket.

The population of kingfisher has been affected in recent years as a result of water pollution due to the use of pesticides and the channeling and concreting of rivers, ditches and canal banks. Even so, it is certain that this autumn-winter you will see many kingfisher in the Delta de l'Ebre.

Photography: Philip Croft