The LIFE Projects are a financial instrument of the European Union which provides support for environment and nature conservation projects. In 2009 the LIFE Delta Lagoon Project was granted for the restoration and management of habitats of the two coastal lagoons of the Ebro Delta managed by the Foundation: Tancada and Alfacada.

The project, which ends in 2014, has a budget of three million euros, of which 45.78% is subsidised by the LIFE programme and the rest by the project partners (The Foundation, IRTA, Ebro Delta Nature Reserve, Catalan Forestry and the Ministry of the Rural and Marine Environment Department of Sustainability of the Coast and Sea).

The primary goal of the project is to improve the ecological condition of Alfacada and Tancada lagoons through the restoration of the habitat and the application of management measures.

Enjoy with the images of the restoration.