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From MónNatura Delta you can see up to five species of terns at the same time

The good weather has arrived and the old salt pans of Sant Antoni are buzzing with activity. Although the most emblematic bird is the flamingo, for all those birders who want to see more diversity, they can already enjoy interesting birds such as the caspian tern (Sterna caspia), the osprey (Pandion aliaetus) or large amount of waders.

Thanks to the already completed Life Delta Lagoon Project, these salt flats abandoned in the 70s were naturalized and islands were created where, during the nesting season, different species of nesting birds settle there. Among them, the terns, who like to share space with each other.

The common tern (S. hirundo), slender and with a very forked tail, accompanied by a red beak with a black tip and a very high-pitched screech. The "uncombed" sandwich tern (S. sandvicensis), who has a black beak with a yellow tip. We also find the gull-billed tern (S. nilotica), with an entirely black beak but smaller than the rest. The most sought after of all of them is the caspian tern (S. caspia), due to it being the most difficult to observe here in the natural park. It stands out among the rest for its large size. Last but not least, the tardy little tern (S. albifrons), who’s small and graceful and has a yellow beak with a black tip.

All together on the same islet, they form a very curious picture and an opportunity to learn to differentiate and compare them without moving the telescopi too much.