Very near Espai Delta is an amenity that boasts one of the best viewpoints in the area for enjoying a superb environment and discovering the birds and the surroundings of the centre (Tancada lagoon and the old Sant Antoni saltworks). The amenity also houses the MónNatura Delta classrooms.



The roof of the building is a viewpoint that provides a 360º panorama of the Delta. With the use of binoculars and telescopes we can observe the birds of the surroundings and the various characteristic elements of the zone: Tancada lagoon, the old Sant Antoni saltworks, Trabucador point… This is a unique view of the Delta: from here we can see a wide variety of birds, especially the families of flamingos.



The ground floor and first floor of the building have classrooms where workshops and other activities organised by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Fundation educational services are put on. The activities revolve around three subject areas: species of birds, salt and fishing. They activities complement the visit to MónNatura Delta.



Information and bookings:

Tel. 977 053 801




Did you know that...

this is a unique viewpoint of the Delta: from there you can see different varieties of birds, especially the families of flamingos.