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New visit to the fishing ground of la Tancada

The fishing ground of La Tancada is located next to our center and is managed by the fishermen's brotherhood of Sant Pere, which is one of the oldest fishermen’s brotherhood in Europe.

The fishing takes place from October to February and in the case of La Tancada there are 8 fishermen who distribute their jobs in order to get the most out of the lake.

At the end of this year, we launch a new visit to discover this way of life that is so unknown to many and that it will not leave anyone indifferent. We will talk about the fishing gears, especially the pantena, about the work of the fishermen and we will see some of the fishes that are caught.

Thus, on December 2 and 8, at 11 o'clock, you can enjoy this special visit, with the help of a local guide that will tell us all the secrets of the life of the fishermen of la Tancada.