Here you will find some news about the most significant sightings of birds and other species of animals in MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre.

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Why is now the best time to bird watch in the Delta?

The biologist and publicist Jaume Sañé explains it to us from the 360º viewpoint of MónNatura Delta in the program Tot es Mou on TV3

The Kingfisher is back at MónNatura

During the month of August we have been detecting some migratory movements. In recent days we have been able to see some kingfishers (Alcedo atthis) flying over the canals and the old salt pans of Sant Antoni.

The elegant tern visits MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre

This unusual species of tern can be seen these days in the Tancada lagoon and the old salt pans of Sant Antoni

Scientists from the SteLar-Delta project study the little terns of MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre

The nesting population of Sternula albifrons in the old salt flats will help to understand the relationship between these birds and the fishing boats

From MónNatura Delta you can see up to five species of terns at the same time

The common tern, the little tern, the sandwich tern, the caspian tern and the gull-billed tern can be seen from our 360º viewpoint

For the first time in the Iberian Peninsula, a white-tailed lapwing is observed from the MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre viewpoint

This is an exceptional sight as it’s a species that usually hibernates in Africa and India

Maximum historical number of hibernating aquatic birds in the Delta de l’Ebre

The species that are less dependent on rice fields, such as the flamingo, common shelduck, the dunlin or the pied avocet, have reached very high values and even absolute records in the case of the flamingo

116 flamingo nests are kept in perfect condition in the MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre area

The ornithologist David Bigas visits our facilities and informs us of the number of intact nests that can be seen

Ornithological tour and scientific ringing in the Alfacada

The bad weather limited the observations in the lagoon, but the catches of passerines birds were very interesting

Countdown to the beginning of the Delta Birding Festival

On September 21st, 22nd and 23th, this ornithological festival will celebrate its 5th anniversary with a large number of activities and presentations
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