10 reasons

to visit the Ebro Delta


The Ebro Delta is one of the most important areas in the Iberian Peninsula for its remarkable biodiversity and natural abundance.

  1. The Ebro Delta is a significant wetland that is home to a diverse array of water birds such as flamingos, ducks and cormorants.
  2. The rivers and canals of the Delta teem with fish species like eels and carp.
  3. The cultivated fields of the Delta provide a habitat for a wide variety of insects and small mammals, such as rabbits and hedgehogs.
  4. In the riverside forests of the Ebro you can come across wildlife like foxes, wild boars and common bats.
  5. The wetlands of the Delta are adorned with beautiful aquatic plants like reed beds and water lilies.
  6. In the sand dunes of the Ebro Delta you can find unique vegetation that has adapted to extreme conditions, such as sea lavender and sagebrush.
  7. The rice fields of the Delta are an essential habitat for migratory birds, providing a place for feeding and resting.
  8. Trabucador Beach is a unique natural space that stretches along 6 km and is one of the few remaining natural coastal areas in Europe.
  9. The Ebro Delta Natural Park is one of the most important breeding grounds for the European pond turtle, a species facing extinction.
  10. The inhabitants of the Delta have adapted their economic activities to the natural richness of the area, with rice farming as the mainstay as well as traditional fishing activities.