Apart from the complete visit, MónNatura Delta suggests activities which allow you to spend your time in this magical land at closer quarters and more intensely. These are educational activities. e family. They will give you a deeper knowledge of the area and its traditions and make your visit both recreational and participatory.

To complement the guided tour of MónNatura Delta, Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation offers an educational service for schools, providing opportunities to take an in-depth look at some of the concepts that are a feature of the environment of the Ebro Delta.

All of the activities and workshops employ new educational systems and languages and are supported by the latest-generation materials, thereby turning learning into an adventure in which participation is key to understanding. In addition, we make every effort to ensure that the various events are attractive.

Educational program for schools - pdf version

The educational activities revolve around the three main themes that are part of the MónNatura Delta project, birdlife, salt and fishing, and are aimed at pupils at every level from the second cycle of nursery education (educación infantil) through to the last two years of secondary schooling (bachillerato) and vocational training.

At MónNatura Delta we are working to serve school groups with the utmost peace of mind. You can request availability of dates, as well as the protocol of preventive measures, via email In addition, we give you maximum flexibility in your booking. If for any reason you decide to change the date of the visit, we will reschedule or cancel.


Activities and workshops



The bird that has lost it's memory

An activity for discovering the world of birds

An audio-visual presentation tells us the story of a bird that has lost its memory. Laura asks us for help because she is sad that the bird will never see its family or friends again. She doesn’t know what the bird is called, what it eats, where it lives… Between us, we will try to give her the answers to all these questions!

Nursery education (educación infantil) and the first and middle cycles of primary education.

Census of birds

Identifying and counting waterfowl

In order to find out how the various species of birds in MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre are doing, censuses are carried out periodically from the 360º Gallery. In this workshop, we will be responsible for assessing the number and variety of the waterfowl observed. This activity will give us insights into the main characteristics of the birds on the Delta.

Last cycle of primary education and 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of compulsory secondary education (ESO)

Wings of the Delta

Experimentation with the basic techniques for making a documentary about birds

The Ebro Delta is a unique place for making documentaries about waterfowl. In this activity, we will take on the role of a team sent to shoot a documentary and will be responsible for the entire process, from preparing the script to editing the footage. We’ll make quite a team!

Fourth year of compulsory secondary education (ESO), the last two years of secondary education (bachillerato) and vocational training.


The hidden chest

Activity concerning the traditional arts of fishing

Emilio, a fisherman who likes playing practical jokes, has hidden the equipment we need to cast a fishing net, one of the oldest arts of fishing on the Delta. He hasn’t made it easy for us at all. To locate it, we need to be experts in a range of fishing skills and very clever in finding our way about the centre!

First and middle cycles of primary education.


How did you reach my plate?

Discovering fishing on the Delta through fine food

The food served in the Delta del Ebro area is delicious and fresh fish features prominently in the dishes prepared here. But how do fish reach our plates? Which art of fishing has been employed? Where does this fish live? We will have to answer questions such as these with the help of various educational resources. And we will also practice casting a fishing net!

Last cycle of primary education and 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of compulsory secondary education (ESO).

Arts website

Design for a website on the art of fishing

A news item on the radio warns of the harmful effects of industrial fishing. In this activity, we will be responsible for raising awareness of the traditional arts of fishing on the Delta by means of a website. We will have to be very creative!

4th year of compulsory education and the last two years of secondary education (bachillerato) and vocational training.

Salt messages

Activity related to salt

Are you ready for the big challenge? We have received salt messages that tell us about the composition, history and uses of the only mineral that we humans can eat. But be careful, they are not all true! In this activity, we will learn about the historical importance of salt and we will discover a number of curious facts about it and about its properties.

Primary education, secondary education (ESO and bachillerato) and vocational training.

Activity to discover the world of salt, fishing and birds in the Ebro Delta

This activity sets a big challenge: really getting to know the Delta. To achieve it, you will have to take part in a competition and pass a series of tests related to the main themes of the centre: salt, fishing and birds. Are you ready to be a real Delta mastermind?

Last stage of primary education, compulsory secondary education, baccalaureate and training cycles.



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